See the blazing you'll be sorry... (darsynia) wrote in sgastoryfinders,
See the blazing you'll be sorry...

alternate link request

I'm looking for an alternative link to "Fortifications and Siege Warfare" (John/Rodney, afaik) by z_rayne (Zoe Rayne). The link I have, here, comes from stargateficrec, but the journal is locked, and I've checked her Wraithbait and it's not there either.

The story is part of a series that I think is called N+1, it begins with Beneath a Waning Moon, a story in which John comes to Rodney on a balcony every night, gets him off, and leaves, without them speaking much or acknowledging who they are. Other parts of the series are by filenotch, including a longer piece where they're taken prisoner on a planet by people who worship an evolutionary form of the Wraith. I'd tell you what the story's about that I'm looking for, but I don't know, as it's recced here as part of the series, without individual summaries.

Since the rec is from 2006, I figured it might be faster if I checked here before asking the author to friend me so I can read it (I always feel a little selfish doing that, if they don't have anything listed that says 'if you want to read such-and-such, friend me' in their profile or whatnot--besides the fact that earlier parts of the story from that very same journal aren't locked, so I figure there's a reason (rating, maybe?).

Here, thanks etui
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