A fic about fishing & string?

Hi ya'll! I'm new here and I've been driving myself crazy trying to figure out what fics some screenshots I took on my phone years ago came from, and thought I'd see if this could spark anyone's memory. 

In one of the fics, Rodney and Sheppard were fishing, but Sheppard gets bored and starts playing cat's cradle type games with a pair of shoelaces. Then, Sheppard offers Rodney his sunglasses but Rodney doesn't want them because he's trying to "blind himself so he won't have to look at Sheppard's hideous neckbeard" or something along those lines haha. 

This may be from a different fic or the same fic, I'm not sure, but it was exploring what went wrong between Sheppard and Nancy. There was a really interesting part where Nancy was talking about her conflicting feelings about him, how she just wanted him to go away but at the same time she was sick of him leaving, loathe to compare herself to the fisherman's wives of her hometown. Then, I think theres a bit later on where Rodney lets it slip to Sheppard that he took an english class during his undergrad because he couldn't get his degree without one (he asked if he could xD).

I'm sorry that these are uber specific, I wish I could remember more bahaha. Thanks for reading and let me know if it sparks your memory!

LFS Chief Cooper cooks for Atlantis in a series

Howdy, I am looking for a series that uses the OC of a Chief Cooper cooking for Atlantis in a series. I am fairly sure the name of the first story is "Boil them, bake them, put them in a stew". I also think that at one point in the series it crosses over with NCIS as Tony DiNozzo comes to Atlantis. I looked at Ladyholder's site and didn't find anything like it.
Thanks in advance,

John and Rodney Received A Son From Alternate Universe

I had posted this request last month but got nothing. I hoping with a little big more details will jog someone's memory. I don't remember how it started or ends, but this I remember. 

I don't remember how they got there or back. John  and Rodney arrived in alternate universe during a middle of a takeover by a hostile species Ori or Goa'uld at Stargate Command. They found  alternate of themselves,  Shepherd is dead and McKay is gravely injured and in process of dying. He begged them to go to a room and take his son with them when they go back to their universe. A little boy who has both their DNA. They ended up raising the boy together. I think this is the boy that John was dreaming of. It's in another story called Infernal Machine part 13 of Two-Body Problem, whenever he holds the Ancient device that Rodney made for him to hold off bad dreams. He is so bother about the boy showing up in many of his dreams that he gave the device back to Rodney.


Looking for possible time travel fic

I'm looking for a fic I think is a time travel, but I am not 100% sure.  I basically remember John in meetings about the formation of the Atlantis expedition and keeps saying that he has a question about x, this gets them more supplies, support staff etc..  I think it sort of becomes a theme that as soon as John says he has a question O'Neill & Sumner pay attention.  Thanks for any help finding this fic!

Found thank you - link in comments 

John "bitten by a chihuahua" excuse

ETA: FOUND! Thank you, admiralandrea!

John & Rodney & kids live (I think) in the SF Bay area (to the east). John is called back to the SGC for some kind of emergency where he gets hurt. He comes home just in time for Halloween & tells the kids it's ok, he just got bit by a chihuahua. Thank you for any help you can give!

Human experimentation

So while John is dealing with changing back after the events of conversion Beckett experiments on him. It eventually becomes airborne and infects the rest of Atlantis and they become a new species. The try Beckett and I think Weir to for their actions and learn that some of the people of earth were behind it so they sever ties. I know that the new leader who is Miko is called the primus and she has had a baby by John and Rodney is currently pregnant with his child. John and others meet with people from earth on Midway and the rep from China is demanding that John and his baby be handed over. things get bad and they return to Atlantis. They do allow SG1 to come with so that they are able to see how things are going. The Asgard are helping them and plan on using the gene treatment Beckett came up with to join their society.