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Looking for McShep fic called Trapped

This is the one where an offworld outpost explodes and buries Rodney under the rubble. Meanwhile a shield appears and traps John's legs and the atlantis crew is unable to get to Rodney who is completely behind the shield. They try everything they can think of but are unable to turn off the shield until injured Rodney comes up with the solution.

A big plotline of the fic has Caldwell on a witch hunt to catch John and Rodney in violation of DADT. He follows them around and keeps popping up wherever they are hoping to catch them.

The title of the fic is Trapped. I can't remember the author and so neither Google nor the Wayback Machine are helping me.

Thanks very much in advance to whoever can help!
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John is a trained sex slave

Hiya! I'm looking for a fic where John is a trained sex slave and if you press the palm of his hand, there's a very intense and erotic reaction. I can't remember the actual context of the story, just the part of the pressing of the palms. If you know of it, I hope you'll share it. It's been making me a little crazy because I can't find it in my bookmarks. Thanks so much!
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John as royalty fic search

Hi, looking for a fic I found but for some reason it didn't save in my folder when I thought it did. John and the team go to a planet to trade and the people believe John is I think it was part of a prophecy where the son of the royal family would come back. I got up to where John pulls a sword out of the throne and he turns out to the people to be the long lost son of the king or something like that. Also Elizabeth is alive in this one and I think set in the early seasons. He gets to fly some of their advance ships, also he didn't like when he went to take a bath and got the women out when they insisted on helping him. The people asked for him to stay a few days to see if he was the one. I'm not sure if it was John/Rodney, but it could of been.

Any help would be great, would love to finish reading this story. I got up to were he was trying out their ships.

Rodney shot someone, SGC scared

I'm looking for story that I don't believe I actually read before, but from the way someone described it, sounded interesting. Unfortunately, they didn't leave the name of the story in the comment they posted (on a different story) and it was back in 2015. Here's what they posted "someone complaining that Rodney shot him in the leg, and Rodney waves a  dismissing hand and says "To be honest, I was aiming for his liver, but  he was trying to eat Teyla's face", and his team is just nodding  knowingly as SGC gives Rodney frightened looks."

Thank you for any help you can give.

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Hey, i'm looking for a story by Delilah - scenes from an unseen life. Unfortunately, there is nothing in the web.archiv after chapter 1. Does someone maybe have another link?

Scientists against marines

I the below request while looking through sawold posts. It was from 26th Oct 2006. It sounded a good fic but the reply giving the answer had been deleted. I believe there may have been a sequal. Does anyone know what the story is?
"There are new people on Atlantis (Marines) and they don't understand how things work and are mean to the scientists. They soon learn the error of their ways when Rodney and Zelenka send their wrath upon them and they cannot get hot/cold running water their rooms are either too hot or cold and they have to grovel (and give chocolate) in order to be forgiven the only holdout in Lorne who suffers terribly until Sheppard tells him the torture would continue forever until he learns how things work in Atlantis."

Searching for missing podfic

I'm trying to track down the podfic version of "And All We Have" by Seekergeek. It was recorded by Issaro, and posted on the Jinjurly audio archive. Unfortunately all the links for this fic are dead on that site,  and all my efforts so far have come up empty. I'm really hoping that someone has a copy they could share, or knows an alternate source for this podfic?

Thanks in advance!

SGA Searching for Sentinel Story

I read around 3-4 weeks ago a Story about a Sentinel Queen with a fox or kitsune animal spirit that needs to go to atlantis for her king i love the story because she rips the IOA a new one because of supplys and other things for the city 

Thanks in Advance 

John Sheppard as part-animal that has no rights

Hello together,

I'm new here, but I read Atlantis fanfiction since the series has startet. But now I can't find one fanfictions I really want to read again.

John Sheppard is a pilot, but he can also change into an animal. He has no rights and I think he bonded somehow to Rodney. Jack ist there too and wants to change the laws to help people like John. I think he does not stress-change, so he can fly.

Does that ring a bell?

Pleas help me. Thank you all.