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SGA season 1 AU


Hi! I'm looking for a specific story I remember, an AU of s1 where Sam Carter was placed in charge of the expedition. They evacuated the city immediately upon arriving because they didn't know about the failsafe, and went to stay with the Athosians. I think they were then attacked by the Wraith? Carson defected to Hoff. It had alternating POVs and it was very good!

Thanks in advance!!

Drug fic

Does anyone know if it is possible to find 'Dreary regions of a soul' by Grammar Glamour anywhere?

It is a fic i really want to read but i cannot find it.

Rodney kills a lot of people

I'm looking for a fic where Rodney kills a lot of people but specifically members of the Atlantic crew out of revenge/vengeance. The only scene I remember in detail is where he, Radek and Kavenaugh were trapped each in a small chamber (or tube or whatnot) which were flooding and he deliberately delayed opening his so it looked like he didn't have time to save the others. John knew what he was doing and didn't help him but also didn't try to stop him.

I'd also be grateful for any others in which Rodney kills a large number of people on purpose but not out of pure sadism.

Much thanks!

Stories by Alistair and SGA_Lover

So I have been on the Wayback copy of Wraithbait again and found a few more stories I am looking for copies of.

1) There is a series by Alistair called “Love, Lust and Complications.” It appears to be three stories, “Countdown to New Year,” “Movie Night and First Moves” and “Breakthroughs and Bureaucracy.” No parts of this series is accessible.  The first two stories are one chapter each and the last one is six chapters.  Thanks in advance.

2) Surprisingly a good chuck of SGA_Lover’s stories are accessible/readable on the Wayback copy, so I am only looking for two stories. The first is “Family” which has no accessible parts. The second is “What Happens When There is Too Much Flirting” which is two chapters (the first is readable, the second is not; I really want to know what happens).  Thanks in advance.

Appreciate everyone that has to tried to help me thus far with my Wraithbait obsession.

Searching for SGA Sentinel Story

I search for a Story in with Shepard is captured by the genii und comes online as a Sentinel while being feed on by a wraith Mckay is Female and on earth and can feel him and his pain comes to atlantis and kicks ass until she has her sentinel i believe she was shaman level guide and translocated a package to John over Lightyears away i love the story but cant find it anymore

Windmill # 5

The Kysra is back at AO3


JLencre is reposting their Kysra series at A03. Stories 1 & 2 are up, now with added pictures, and they're posting Story 3 in chapters.

Anyone who wants it -- I suggest you download and save copies. Then click the "Subscribe" button -- either JLencre the author, or the story New Divide -- so you'll know when there's an update to the story. I'm saving each new update, so that I'll have the most complete version possible if it ever disappears again.