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SGA Storyfinders

Sunday, May 19, 2019

2:22PM - Taking the Long Way Home

Does anyone know where to find Taking the Long Way Home by sardonicsmiley? Or have it saved somewhere that they can send to me? The link I have doesn’t work anymore and it’s one of my favorite Mcshep stories.

Thank you in advance!

Friday, May 10, 2019

5:49PM - Found: Rodney Locked In Saferoom

I was reading The Playboy and the Scientist  in AI about a saferoom was being installed by John and gang for Rodney's safety. When intruders did break in, he didn't make it, so he ended up helping John and Cadman in the gunfight. It reminded of another story, that I would like to read again, but I can't remember the name of the story or the author. I don't much of the story but what I do remember what Rodney did make it to the saferoom after he set his all work computers to self destruct and lock himself in with his cat. When John opened the door, Rodney was holding cat as he freaking out. I can't remember anything else.

I am hoping the fantastic people recognize it. I would appreciate it.

Thank you

Found by lovely timespirt

What Might Have Been
by Keira Marcos

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

7:22PM - John a Marine

I am looking for a story where John is a Marine and his little brother Alex is working for SGC.  John thinks he is "just a Marine scientist" and doesn't realize that Alex goes through the gate.  There is a section where Alex argues with Carson who won't listen when Alex tries to tell him that one of the men has a microbomb in his leg, not a bullet.

I know I have read this several times but I have searched all over for it and can't find it.  I'm sure it is right in front of me though!  I hope someone can help me out on this.

Monday, May 6, 2019

10:14AM - looking for au fic

Hi, I am looking for a fic where John left the air force for some reason and used his money to buy an island and rescue/employ other people who were harrassed/fired from the airforce eg scientists. He sends a puzzle to Rodney who figures it out and comes to the island. He hacks the SGC/pentagon and somehow they get control of the stargate.

Any help would be great cos I cant remember it and I have been going through everything I can think of. Thanks.

edit- link found and included in comment. thanks!!!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

7:34PM - Atlantis cast transformed and mutated to new form with Dragon ancestry

There was a story I read on Rough Trade. Does anyone know if it's posted anywhere else. All of Atlantis is infected and mutate. Miko/John/Rodney are together. Miko has John's baby and Rodney is pregnant with John's baby. They are now new mutants and can fly. They control Atlantis. The IOA want to take Atlantis and the Asgard are helping Atlantis.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

8:55PM - Looking for Mckay gets bashed up by john and breaks eye socket

I'm looking for a link to the story where Rodney may or may not get gay bashed by John and Ronon when he tries to come out to them and gets a fractured eye socket. He refuses to let Becket treat him and goes to the daedalus instead for help. He goes back to earth for surgery on the daedalus and becomes friends with Caldwell. Later he finds out he's being affected by wraith serum that's causing him to have blackouts? It's eventually McKay/Sheppard.

10:53AM - Caldwell holds an enquiry

Sorry if this is a bit vague because I can't remember if it is John or Rodney who is injured.
I will go with John to help with the question.

John has been injured and is in his room, he collapses and is found by Caldwell. He pleads not to be taken to the Atlantis infirmary so is beamed aboard the Deadalus for their team to deal with.

When Caldwell finds out what has happened, he is disgusted and holds a board of enquiry into the treatment John has received, including Carson's behaviour.

Any help finding this fic would be greatly appreciated.

*** FOUND.... answer in body of this message. Many thanks to you all!!***

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

4:31AM - Research in Hawaii

Looking for a story where Rodney is visiting Hawaii at an observatory doing some research. The guy in charge of the observatory ends up being a bad guy and kidnaps Rodney. John flies a helicopter up to observatory in the attempt to save Rodney.  

I can't remember if it is a standalone or part of a larger story. 

It might be a crossover with Hawaii Five-0.

Thank you

Edit: Divergent Paths: Glimpses of the Future by puddleofgoo

link in comments

Thursday, April 18, 2019

12:56PM - McKay/Keller to McKay/Sheppard where John loses his voice

I'm ashamed that I don't know this, but I can't find it.

The story starts out post EatG in San Francisco.  Rodney takes John out to drinks or something and announces that he and Keller are getting married.  The last thing John says is "Okay" or something, and then loses his voice.  He's mute for weeks up until the time that he's standing up with Rodney as his best man at Rodney's wedding, when suddenly John just repeatedly says, "No, no, no".  Ends with McKay/Sheppard.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

3:55PM - Searching for 1st part of Human 3.0 series

I'm pretty sure it exists because I'm nearly certain I've read it before. In any case the (second part) of the story is entitled Human 3.0 by perryvic/zaganthi (caffiends) is wildly suggestive of an earlier part in which ended on the escape from the wraith siege in season one.

I have looked for this (alleged) story everywhere I can think to look, including the genre finders posts under "mutants". 

This is a AU when everyone with the ATA gene also develops/has a 'mutant power'.  McKay's being particularly useful (sort of like Magneto) and John's kind of like Kitty Pryde with the phasing ability.  

Seriously, the beginning of Human 3.0 reads exactly like a sequel...why do you torture me so, Caffiends?!

3:38PM - Marooned historical magical realism?!

Hi all,

I've been searching in vain for a fic where Rodney is marooned on an island and finds John there cursed to age a whole lifetime every day. He's born a baby in the morning and dies an old man walking into the sea at midnight. Nonspecific historical au I think. Its so vivid but ao3 and Google turn up nothing!

Any clues would be fantastic!

Saturday, April 13, 2019


Looking for this story I read a while ago. I can not remember where I read it. 

— It is either Pre-McShep or Gen. 

— Fairly sure it takes place just after Trio

— Starts with Rodney and John talking (quite possibly on their pier or a balcony or somewhere outside)

— Keller really wants to get with Rodney; Rodney not interested (?)

— Rodney had a vasectomy; Keller doesn't know at the start

— Keller wants Rodney to get his vasectomy reversed

Hopefully this helps identify the story. Its driving me nuts that I can't find.

Edit:  The Air That Angels Breathe by keiramarcos 

link in first comment

Sunday, April 14, 2019

12:28AM - Sheppard story

Hi please can you help. I'm looking for a story when John and mckay go to Atlantis but they have help from the asgard. They help them and they in turn give John and mckay a machine to shrink things so they can take much more. I can't remember anything else. Please help thanks

Friday, April 12, 2019

12:51AM - McShep Story

I’m looking for a story I read years ago and haven’t been able to find. It features extreme orgasm control. McKay has gone through some kind of ceremony so that he can only orgasm with Sheppard’s permission. I remember a scene with John teasing Rodney and playing with him somewhere fairly public - maybe a hallway or something. I believe it may have been on WraithBait, but I’m not sure.

Monday, April 8, 2019

10:25AM - McShep fic about a crush

Hi! I’m looking for a fic about Sheppard finding out Rodney has a crush on him. I remember that they are forced to hide and I believe Sheppard says something like, “Crush still holding on there, huh?”

Does this ring a bell?

**FOUND - Link in comments.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

10:24PM - John was Atlantis' chosen avatar

When they first got to Atlantis John had some kind of instant connection with the city, he disobeyed orders to raise it from the water. I remember he ended up being chosen by the city as her avatar. his eyes were silver because of it. 

I remember there was some kind of thing about him being possibly compromised because of his connection with the city. also as the story went on he ended up having silver hair and fingernails too. and at one point he has a conversation with O'neil about how if John ever dies Jack is probably going to end up Avatar next. 

Please help its been driving me insane.

*Found in comments*

Friday, April 5, 2019


ISO the one where John kills a Wraith, and Ronan is jealous of his Ka-Bar

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

11:40AM - au fic mcshep

Hi there,

I am searching for a fic where john sheppard is a search and rescue helicopter pilot and he and his team are flying the helicopter over the desert when goa'ld fly over followed by cameron mitchell and the snake skinners. Rodney Mckay is being transfered in a van when the invasion happens and John's team help rescue people but some get killed. If anyone can help from those details please do. It is killing me trying to find this fic! Thanks.

edit: found thanks. link in comment!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

1:10PM - The one where they are all evil. McShep.

and they break out of the prison. Its an old story and my memory of it is sadly lacking. I am sure its well known and I will be horrified that I couldn't find it myself when its found.

Found as I knew it would be...by lodondria

https://archiveofourown.org/series/41632 Crimes against humanity Seperis

Monday, March 25, 2019

2:52PM - Looking for a McShep- and all I’ve got is a sentence!

Hi guys,

I’ve had one sentence of what I’m pretty sure was a mcshep fic stuck in my head for like a week. I’ve gone through the my bookmarks and google- nada.

It goes like this:

“He could never gamble again because he had used up all of his damn luck”.

Or something close to that.

If this rings a bell- Save me.

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