Ar-1 mad at Sg-1 on Rodney's behalf

I recently read this description while scrolling through Genrefinders:
"One where after they get back the team finds that Rodney took some shrapnel under his arm, and they're all angry at SG-1 because they didn't notice (and he'd been working on the Deadulus for a while with it)."
Unfortunatly they didn't leave a title or author (only that it had something to do with The Pegasus Projectand the only link provided was wraithbait which I suppose is gone now,so I was wondering if you guys knew which fic this is and where I can read it. It's tight up my alley!
Thank you!!

It has been found!! Bless you guys! My google skills are pretty bad it look like 😆
The Pegasus Postscript by Quasar
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Looking for a Time travel story

I remember it was post series. Rodney married Jennifer but she left him. Rodney is dying. I think cancer. He tell John of a Machine or something that will send them back to their teenager time. After he died John sent them both back and they change and fix everything. I think Ronon and Teyla got thair memories from before too. and maybe Lorne also.

Thanks in advance

Rodney and John missing, presumed dead

Being quarantined has me thinking of a story where John and Rodney go missing on an alien planet for several years. I believe that they were testing a new plane/engine/tech but it failed and they exited subspace a gazillion light years from where they were supposed to be. Theymanaged to find a planet that was somewhat habitable for humans. The planet was very alien, had unknown wildlife and plantlife that wrecked havoc on their bodies. They used the sun to recharge the jumper (?) so that they could get offworld/gate out.  I think John broke his leg and they both ate stuff that made them very ill. 

When they left earth on their mission John was involved with another man and Jennifer and Rodney were a couple. When John and Rodney returned to earth their respective partners had both moved on, although I think Jennifer and Rodney were still married (to keep his research safe, or something). Jennifer was pregnant with another man, I believe. John and Rodney never cheated while off world, but I believe they became a couple after they returned. 

Can anyone help me?

Sheppard/Mitchell Mission gone wrong

Hi, I am looking for a story where John was injured on a mission while Cam and possibly the rest of Sg1, not completely sure on that, are on Atlantis. Cameron ends up getting injured as well and when they go through the clothes that had to be removed in the infirmary someone finds a photo of them. Basically they get outed and when John wakes up Cam's still critical. That ring any bells with anyone? Thanks in advance

Story search

I'm trying to find a story that was on Rough Trade back in 2017, it was a crossover of Stargate Atlantis and NCIS, the name of the story was The Flock. I think that it might have been a time travel story or something, I remember that part of it had Tony going undercover to investigate Bates and them at Camp Pendleton. Does anyone know if the story was finished or were a can read it again?

Rodney is adopted by small child

Hi, Yes, Rodney is adopted by a small child in the story I am looking for now. The team is on a mission and the child attaches to Rodney's leg and won't let go. At one point in the story Rodney makes a contraption that gets him in trouble for dragging the child around. I can't remember to much more.
Thanks in advance, finlaure