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John Centric

Looking for the following stories:

The Captivity of Colonel John Sheppard, by SylvanWitch Found! Thank you pfyre!
Letting Go But Holding On by Huggle
Out of the Everywhere Thank you pfyre!
The Enemy Within by Kez Thank you monka8!

Still need to find!
Lorne Lost by bridgie0202 (John/Evan fic).

I really want to read them, but wraithbait no longer works.

Still looking for:

Also any where John has to leave Atlantis cause either people turn against him, his team betray him maybe under the influence would be great. I read one where the team did just that on a planet searching for zpm's and Lorne came and saved John just in time and found the team acting odd. The longer the better, I'm open to any pairings for him in the stores except for John/Michael.

Anything where John meets up with his past flying buddies or people he served with, maybe they came onto Atlantis or they meet back on Earth. If their is flying involved, the better. Maybe his team or everyone on Atlantis learn more about John's past in flying and such.

Anything dealing with Lucius, maybe aftermath and John was hurt badly or something happened. I read one with Cameron/John where Cameron was upset with the team and Rodney for the way they acted to John during it. So anything with maybe people from SGC that are pissed off with how things went down and John had gotten the brunt of it would be awesome.
SGA: John & Rodney side by side

Looking for McShep AU

I think John is a football player - some sort of sportsman anyway, he moves next door to Rodney (or vice versa) who is oblivious to his identity and they end up getting together. I've looked on the McShep AU list but couldn't see it on there.

All help re title/author gratefully received!

ETA Found! Link in comments - and I couldn't find it on the AU list because John's job is listed as "mystery" D'oh!
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Hi there, 

has anybody a working link to the story "M is for Monster" by Selenaheart?  I had no luck on "wayback" and would like to read the story again. 


FOUND thanks to danceswithgary 


and the podfic, which I highly recommend thanks to monka8


John exiled with Kermit (?) - FOUND

Oh man, it's been ages since I've been on LJ... I'm desperately trying to find a fic I loved. Lucius was on Atlantis and John was bothering him so he decided to exile him by jumper to a planet with only a space gate. The planet is unihabited by humans but John makes friend with a frog-like creature (which he names Kermit?) and together they solve one of those million dollar math problems. I think John throws rocks at his team when they break free from Lucius' control and finally find him. Help?

LFS: Chuck saves his brother

Chuck is actually just a small part of the story - I'm pretty sure it's McShep. Don't remember how or why, but people are changing, and the characters are trying to escape their suddenly crazy families/friends. Could be they're mutants or maybe ATA positive or something else. I just remember Chuck getting his brother out of their parents' house via a second story window, I think.

A White Dog and Rodney-Found

A while back, I read a AU story where Rodney moved to Alaska for scientific research reasons. He rented a run-down cabin from John before seeing it. He complains about the conditions of the place to John and he just smirked at him but somehow Rodney got John to fixed up the place. I remember John had an ugly dog. They had a date, but John was in a plane crash and Rodney went to John's place wondering what happened to him.  His dog was alone so  Rodney took care of the dog until the town people figured something was wrong and did a search and rescue. 

Once, Rodney came home and found a white dog in his cabin and he called John to complained that strange dog is in his house and ate his doughnuts. 

In the story, Caldwell runs the airport.

That is about all I could remember the story. 

LIFE IN THE YUKON found by admiralandrea 

Thank you!

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Looking for

Hi I’m looking for the other fic with 7 control chairs, it has Jeanie, Rodneys sister in a chair in Ft McKay, somewhere in Canada. It also has Dr Lam I believe in a control chair. Anyone have a clue? Thank you in advance!!
Ps I’m enjoying the other control chair fic. Thank you 😊