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Thursday, April 24, 2014


Hey looking for Carson/Rodney story were Rodney gets sick off wold and it turns out to be his appendix. When they get back to Atlantis it I think Rodney says somthing that makes it obvisous that he and Carson are a couple and doesnt react well. He wants Rodney off the team but Weir refuses. On there next mission mind reading aliens think rRodney is the weak link because of Johns thoughts and make him do a load of challenges.  Thanks for any help.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

10:37PM - Post-Atlantis on earth x-over w/SG-1

I cannot find in my own listing a story with everyone back on earth (don't recall what happened) and at the end of the story, John and Rodney, along with Mitchell and others, travel thru the stargate to a new galaxy and discover a whole new atlantis-type city, no gene needed, along with super-duper spaceships in it, and lots of power. The Atlantis crew seems to keep saving the day somehow, showing up the SGC crew, who rather look at them as wayward children, and John enjoys making Landry grind his teeth.   I should know this, and I know someone out there will enlighten me! Thank you!

ETA: The Return to Normalcy by seikaitsukimizu
Thank you, daneffew

8:21PM - 2 'Food Related' Fics

What's the one where John is a caterer and Rodney is molecular gastronomy/liquid nitrogen chef?

And the one where Rodney is a food photographer and John is a model?

Monday, April 21, 2014

8:20PM - McShep Story with a lot of ZPM's!

I have a massive archive of McShep, all nicely tagged - I thought - but I have tried and failed to find a story I know I've read where Rodney and John find a stash of ZPM's on a planet (I want to say some ridiculous amount like 42!) and then they make a cache on a nearby moon so everyone else doesn't know about them...

Any ideas?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

5:39PM - End of the Beginnig by Rillarilla

Hello everyone,

I'm desperately looking for a particular fic called "End of the Beginning" by Rillarilla, it's a John/Elizabeth story (mainly) and it was part of the S4/S5 Fix it Challenge of 2009 of the John_Elizabeth lj community. I know that Rillarilla has deleted her journal, so I am asking if anyone has a copy of the story to please send it to me (unless you know for a fact that the author never intended for her stories to be shared after she deleted them from the net, obviously).

If it rings a bell, the summaries for the story are: "This Mortal Coil: RepliKeller lied, and the "duplicate" Elizabeth is the real Elizabeth"; and "Long after Elizabeth's capture by the Replicators, the Pegasus Galaxy is suddenly awash in Elizabeth Weirs, all of them troubled and dangerous."

Saturday, April 19, 2014

5:40PM - Au Mcshep fic

I'm looking for a fic where John and Rodney meet when Rodney is on a vacation and have a one night stand. Then Rodney goes back to work and discovers that John is now his boss. Rodney was a scientist and I think John eventually quits. That's probably a kind of general explanation but does anybody know which fic this is?


Friday, April 18, 2014

3:13PM - Always-a-girl!Rodney Fic

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for an AU fic where Rodney has always been a woman- Meredith. She and John are divorced and there is a Christmas party. John tries to recruit her for Elizabeth again. I've googled away and haven't been able to find it even though I think it's probably fairly well-known. Does it sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks very much!

4:34PM - john passes out

It is me again, sorry but I still have one more lost fic. And this one is a real chalenge because unfortunately the only few things I can remember are kind of is John passing out in the messhall. I don't know why, I believe he is seek, not really sure but what I can remeber is the fact that the military leader passed out in the messhall creates a colective fear in there. People around got anxiuos or scare about the base being compromised since the commander of the expedition is down and nobody knows what is going out. This secene is short anyway and don't remember the real plot of the fic. Would be great someone could help ke with this one. Thanks in advance.

10:24AM - Looking for Something Else by hetre

Hello everyone,

I've seen this story (A post trinity staple, apparently!) rec'ed all over the place, but as I'm entering the fandom pretty late here (Almost a decade I'm having trouble actually finding a copy. Did this author remove all their fics or do you all think this fic might still be posted somewhere? Again, it's called Something Else by hetre. Thanks so much!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

5:29PM - Looking for a story - Found

Hello all. The story I'm looking for is a team story. The team gates to a civilized planet and are taken captive. They are split up and sent to different jobs/places except for John. He is questioned about their tech. I remember Rodney is sent to the kitchens and ends up fixing the equipment. The Gate is controlled by the government. Ronon is sent to a maintenance facility that is underground and meets the resistance. The workers caution him about spider creatures in the area. Ronon finds John in a closet? where dead or dying are dumped. Teyla ends up with a different group of resistance and finds Rodney. The two groups meet during a coup. Atlantis helps the new government set up.
The story is on FF if I remember right.

Thanks in advance!

Found quickly! by busaikko! Talkin' bout a Revolution by busaikko, mific. Link in comments.

2:56AM - Looking for two stories

1) I am kinds sketchy about this one, but I know it exists...Rodney is terminally ill and retires from the SGC. I don't think John knows that he's ill. Carson is taking care of Rodney, then John either finds out or is retired for an injury and goes to live near them and finds out. Rodney is somehow magically cured (probably through the SGC finding something), and he lives happily ever after with John and Carson. It may have Jeanie in it, it may not. I don't remember if they go back to Atlantis, but it is a poly paring of John/Rodney/Carson.

2) AU in which John moves to a small Maine town (I think he's a writer w/writer's block), and Rodney is his neighbor. Kids are coming and going from Rodney's basement, and he's suspicious. Turns out that the school system doesn't have a lot of money for teachers, so Rodney has been teaching the kids advanced science at his home. There is a fire at some point, but everyone is okay. I've looked at the Big Sheppard/McKay AU list, but don't see it there. I may have the wrong career for John.

Any thoughts appreciated.

1:50AM - Rodney is irresistable

You were all so good as to find Decreasing Radii for me, that I thought I would ask for help again. I've searched Skardykat's list and tried all the birthday, sex, drugs, and attractive words in searches to no avail. The story I am looking for is mcshep and most likely by a well known author. Off world on his birthday, Sheppard gives Rodney a drink (or just makes it known it is his birthday and the aliens do) that makes him attractive to the opposite sex (along with males who would also be interested). I remember Teyla groping him and Rodney calling for help. Back on Atlantis he stays in his room, but John shows up. After trying to make him leave and Sheppard getting louder, Rodney gives in so the soldiers guarding his door don't realize John is gay. Afterwards John is angry and takes it out on Rodney by making Rodney have sex with him multiple times in a less than romantic way. Teyla finally makes John see that Rodney was the victim, saying she apologized to him for what happened. John realizes the error of his ways and it all works out in the end (can't remember exactly how, but I know I only enjoy happy endings so it must have one).

That's a lot of detail so I'm sure it will be located quickly. It mystifies me how much I can remember without having a clue about the title or author.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Looking for blue_underwing's Reversals or a copy if anyone has one.

5:18PM - Looking For A Singing McKay --Found

What I remember about this story was Rodney walks into John's quarter, naked, and starts to sing afterwards crawls into John's bed. It happens several times and John and Jennifer don't know what to do.


Thank you.

Sheppard's Law of Martyrdom by pir8fancier
found by that_which

Sunday, April 13, 2014

4:54PM - Sheppard turning into a bug again because of a ritual

All I can remember is that John is tied to a post at night, I don't think he can see anything at first but he can hear animals/creatures in the dark and he can understand them and wants to join them because of a ritual making the Iratus DNA inside him waking up. I was pretty sure it was by kriadydragon but I went back through her tagged fic entries on her LJ and never located it so I'm probably remembering incorrectly.

That's all I can remember but I've been dying to re-read this for so dang long. I think there was a promise of a possible sequel.

Found by the awesome thjazi13! ♥ Link in the comments.

12:28PM - Kids from Atlantis' future come to the city?

I'm looking for a fic in which the Atlantis expedition's future children are fighting some sort of horrible monsters--everyone else is dead--and somehow get transported back to "present day" Atlantis. John (and Rodney?) have a daughter (and a younger son?) but she refuses to tell them that they're her parents, because to her, they're not. Maybe because they hadn't gotten together yet? Ronon's son is one of her best friends.

It may also/instead be Lorne/Parrish.

Please and thank you!


1:08AM - I am losing my mind in frustration!

I wanted to go back and read a story I have read a couple times before. Unfortunately, as you probably guessed I can't remember the name or author. What makes this so frustrating is I know I have requested this story before and been told what it is. In fact, I think I have asked twice and someone wrote in and told me how to see my previous requests. Not only can I not remember the story I can't remember how to view the previous requests! I am feeling particularly old today at this point so I am giving in and asking for this story for probably the third time (I swear I will ingrain it in my memory after this). So here goes...

it is mcshep. John and Rodney were in some sort of temple I believe and afterwards had to keep getting closer and closer or they were in pain. They went back to the planet only to find out the pain would get worse until they died unless they had sex. John was angry with Rodney after the fact. I think john then used Rodney in a retaliatory way although that detail may be from another story (the one where everyone is attracted to Rodney after some birthday drugging and he takes john up on the offer- can't remember the name of that one either- as my kids would say boy do I suck!)

i appreciate ate all the help you can give me and I really will try not to forget again.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

11:20PM - Pagan Lorne and Halling running for election

What I'm looking for might be either one or two separate fic. It's McShep and kind of crack-ish. I remember that Lorne is a pagan and he keeps trying to share his religion with John. There is one scene where Lorne has invited people from Atlantis to a ritual on the mainland and John and Rodney keep trying to escape, ending up in the forest. Also, Halling runs for election and wins and proves himself a pretty good leader for Atlantis before Elizabeth tries to start a kind of rebellion, I think, to get her job back. Halling steps down before she can get the rebellion started though. I think Elizabeth had originally been okay with the election because she hadn't thought she'd lose.

Does anyone know what this fic is? Or maybe it's two fic? If it is two fic, does anybody know what they are? Thanks in advance.

Monday, April 7, 2014

4:53PM - looking for dragon fic

I am now looking for a fic where the ATA personnel who go into a particular lab get changed into dragons. They are still able to go on patrol, flying around, and when John and Rodney are out and about, they find a crash landed spaceship, from Earth, with Jeannie and Dave on board, who came looking for their brothers.
It is probably really obvious as I can even remember some of the dialogue but I can't remember the title. One of the lines was "we've landed on freaking Pern". Hope that helps.

Found!!! Beasts Of War And Burden by Taste_is_Sweet at or

Update! After reading the one that was found above I realised I was mixing a couple together. This one doesn't have Dave in it, just Jeannie and the ship is from another dimension. It is still the one I was looking for to start with but if anyone knows what the one with Dave in it is that would be great! Thanks again.

Again, second fic was found. Variations In D Major by sian1359 at

Sunday, April 6, 2014

9:52PM - Runner Coda?

I think I remember a fic after the events at the end of Runner (episode 2-03), Rodney's angry at John for leaving him with Ronon (who Rodney hadn't met before, and John barely knew) to go running after Ford at the end of Runner.

Any ideas? Or am I imagining this?

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