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Friday, October 21, 2016

10:12AM - Madison

Hello everyone,
I've lost a story. :-(
Ok, so what I remember goes like this: Rodney runs away from Atlantis and goes to live with his sister. A while later she and her husband die and Rodney is left to take care of Madison. John decides that he can't live without him and goes AWOL to find him. Oh, and the kid is real smart.
Any help, guys? An address? A link? Please?

6:38AM - I give, I give! Found! Liberty by yin_again and Ladycat (link in comments)

I KNOW I have this one bookmarked, but I have spent the last four hours digging through them and have not found it.

In this fic John and Rodney wake up in a beach house on a beautiful beach where everything is perfect and all their needs are seen to magically. Lorne from the Angel series is there as a sort of concierge, and explains that they are 'outside of time" and that this is a reward for being Champions of TPTB. I remember a luau and I believe John teaches Rodney to surf, although that might be another fic.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

9:10AM - John/Rodney Established Relationship **Found**

I need help finding the title of this fic. It's John/Rodney and they are in the Sheppard house. The middle of the night they are attacked. John jumps down from the second floor and into the middle of a circle of NID/Trust baddies intent on killing/scientistnapping Rodney -I think. He's naked. He is a bada$$.

I will kick myself I'm sure but is this familiar to anyone?

Found- It's Keira Marcos' The North Star -- the next part of Ties That Bind
Thanks hillia and keiramarcos

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

9:27PM - Two Rodney Stories

Hi! I'm a long-time lurker, and I'm completely in awe of the story-finding skills of this community! :) I'm hoping that you can help me find two Rodney stories - well one Rodney-centric story, and one Team story, both of which take place on Earth.

The first story is one where a Scientist works with Rodney again, but can't believe how much he's changed - the thing that I remember distinctly is that Rodney wears headphones almost all the time, and when the other scientist sneaks a listen, it's a recording of an ocean tide (presumably Atlantis?)

The second story is that the whole team is on Earth, and they get caught in a lunchroom with a bunch of SG personnel, and a SG Team that's drugged comes in, and the Team subdues them - in fact Rodney shoots one of them in the knee, but he says "I meant to shoot him in the kidneys"

Any help you can give me in finding either or both of these stories is greatly appreciated!!

Thank you!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

11:53AM - EAD: Found! Another post 'Irresistible' fic?

Does anyone recognize this post 'Irresistible' fic? Basically, McKay doses Sheppard with Lucius's drug in retribution because Sheppard had 'teased' everyone for falling for Lucius. Thing is that Sheppard recognizes that something is wrong and jumps into the ocean to 'clear' his head? I think? I think that Lorne was really angry with McKay for what he did.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Thanks to Anonymous!

The story is 'Control' by Starmage

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I'm looking for an NCIS crossover, where they are trying to recruit Tony and Vance is telling them he thinks McGee is much more suitable cant really remember much more other than Vance being put in his place, possibly by Jack. Any help is much appreciated.

Found - sort of - It's a Rough Trade piece that has not been posted elsewhere, Fingers crossed that it will be at some point

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

8:20PM - Rodney hurt, runs "marathon", climbs mountain to save team - FOUND

Okay, I am nearly 100% positive this is an SGA fic and not SG1. I read it years ago and can't find it now.

I remember vague parts of it. It might have been post Doranda but not sure. In what I recall, the team is on a world and something happens and they get taken prisoner and Rodney is told that to save them, he needs to run to this far mountain/cliff, climb it and come back. He does and is hurt and then at some point I think is tied to a stake and whipped or something. To keep the team safe.

I know it was a bit of a long fic and probably McShep though not definite on that. Can anyone help?

FOUND: "Unspoken" by chaps1870


11:15AM - My brain doesn't want to work today

So I'm searching for a fic that I've read in the last month but for the life of me can't remember who wrote it! The premise is that the team go to a festival and meet Ronon's younger sister. She ends up beating up Rodney I believe. She comes back to Atlantis and points out this planet that is supposed to be a legend, which the team plus Carson go to; there are unicorns on the planet. Except the unicorns are vicious and attack Rodney, who saves Ronon's sister.

It's probably a really obvious and well known story but my brain and Google-fu have failed me today. Thank you very much in advance!

Friday, October 7, 2016

2:38PM - McShep where Rodney has a tattoo after being in a gang when he was young

Like the title says, this is a McShep story where Rodney takes off his shirt and his tattoo is revealed.  He explains that because he was in a gang when he was younger (forced because of Jeannie or something?) he had to get a tattoo.  The story has an image that accompanies it of a young Rodney and an SGA-series-aged Rodney with the tattoo.


4:30PM - Dragons

Looking for a dragon fic. It is NOT the amazing Emergence series by Jilly James.
The only thing I remember is that Lorne was in it, was a dragon, and at the end was possibly being protected by John who was a dragon and another dragon, possibly McKay but not 100% on that. And by that I mean there may have been some threesome action going on but I'm really not sure.

This is so vague it's sad, but that's all I got. It's possible that it was written using the Emergence world or it could have been a Rough Trade fic and if it is then it will no longer be on the RT site but might be hosted elsewhere. Any help or suggestions would be great.

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Monday, October 3, 2016

6:11PM - this one may be my imagination

Okay... I have vague memories of reading a fic where, for some reason, John might be being sent back to earth, so he resigns or is kicked out of the air force, but rodney wants to help him stay on atlantis. So they get married to give John canadian citizenship. I don't think it is the one on the commonly requested fics list (semen! everywhere! according to that summary), but I don't remember qhere the list is, and the link isn't showing on the community's profile. (I do check there when I am looking for something, but either LJ updated and screwed things up, or there's a problem with the layout when viewing it on mobile.)

ETA found - Trust in Me by Vanwaelda http://vanwaelda.livejournal.com/2166.html

Another canadian request though, if someone could point me toward the one where, with Chuck's help, Ronon becomes a canadian citizen, and at some point they perform a gun demonstration. (found at http://archiveofourown.org/works/622241/chapters/1123145 )

And speaking of LJ's wonky coding - I know there's been a way to find my previous posts in a community, but I cannot find it anywhere. I know where it is (or was) on the PC version of the site, but I am having trouble locating it on the mobile version.

Anyway, thank you guys in advance for any help you can give, and your patience with my borderline spammy posting! This comm has been so nice to have; it's kept me entertained for years, reading old favorites and new discoveries on my breaks at work or when out and about.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

4:26PM - john accidentally eavesdropping on 'shippers

Hello again, you always talented story finders! I have another request, if you please.

John is relaxing in his off time, on a balcony or in a botanical conservatory, somewhere quiet with lots of plants. Two lady scientists come in chit chatting about some of the expedition members, and eventually mention how sheppard and mckay are totally a pair. John has to keep quiet to avoid embarrassment for everyone. Rodney tries contacting him over the radio, so John replies with the 'enemies near, maintain radio silence' signal, which annoys rodney, who starts in on a mckay-rant. Eventually john throws something to distract the women, and flees. But now th idea of him ajd Rodney is in his head, and he can't unsee it. Ends up mcshep, of course.

Found! 'Overheard'


Friday, September 30, 2016

5:17PM - On Earth

Hi! I've got this story pinging around in my head, and I hope that someone could help me out. The team is all on Earth. I don't think it's an AU fic, maybe it's from when Atlantis was in San Francisco? Someone is injured (I want to say that Rodney was shot, but it may have been Sheppard) and the team goes on the run. (Maybe the Trust was trying to steal Torren?) I remember them stopping at a gas station to buy shirts, and they hunker down in a cabin. The cabin was super defensible because it was isolated and up in the mountains.

Ringing any bells?

Sunday, September 25, 2016

6:14PM - Everyone, including SG-1, ascended and on atlantis

I'm looking for that one where everyone - and I mean everyone, including Teal'c - becomes all glowy and ascended and Atlantis pretty much becomes one big gay ascended love fest, only it's not as cracky as it sounds because Jack is stubborn and it makes Daniel sad so Daniel ends up going to McKay and Sheppard for comfort which makes Jack jealous so there is angst and glowy sex everywhere.

That's really all I remember of it, so hopefully it is enough for you guys to work your magic.

11:25AM - Cede Lede

Hello i wanted to read one fic of Cede Lede on wraithbait and the account closed.
Do you have any idea of what happened to her.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

8:21PM - another lost classic

Hi all you lovely people,
I'm looking for another classic SGA AU
It's the one where Rodney looses his memory and ends up in a psyc ward. They call John from the mental hospital where they have him and although we don't find out until later John was leaving Rodney. But he turns round and goes to pick Rodney up and they start all over again, although Rodney doesn't know it. I think before his memory went Rodney was a scientist, or mathmatician, but after he becomes a composer.

Friday, September 23, 2016

6:00AM - Status of old SGA BigBang website?

Does anyone know what's happened to the old SGA BigBang website (has something like talkingoncorners in the URL)? I tried to go to a couple of my favorites on that site about a week ago (3 different times) with the same result -- got "This page can't be displayed" with a recommendation that I check the web address. Finally had the sense to check DownRightNow website; it showed the site was still up, i.e., they could connect with the site. Just tried again this morning, and the site is still down; checked DownRightNow again, and this time they show it as down. Surely hope the site hasn't been taken down permanently, as it's the source of a bunch of my favorite stories, including "This Bolder Life" (which I was in the process of reading), "Regions of Darkness and Light," "The Return to Normalcy, "New Shores," and "Know How To Fall." Any insight as to what's going on with this site would be greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

11:09PM - Looking for fic: robot John maybe?

I've been driving myself batty trying to find a fic I read several years ago that I think was an SGA john/rodney fic but I'm not actually even sure of that much. What I remember is that one of the main characters was a robot in the fic and there was a really evocative telling of his life basically growing up as an AI. It started out with him as just a tiny little simple wheeled bot wandering around in a lab, running into stuff and trying not to fall off things, I think with other sibling bots. Over the course of years, he grew up and learned more and got cooler robot bodies until eventually he got a human form and got to venture out in the world. I don't think that early life portion was the actual bulk of the story and I'm not totally sure I'm correctly remembering which fandom it was since none of the parts I do remember are particularly fandom specific, so I'm having a very frustrating time finding it.

Any help is appreciated, even if it's just "you are nutso and there's no such sga fic!" or "you're not nutso, I remember that fic!"
Thank you!

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1:59PM - Samantha Kathy

Does anyone know if Samantha Kathy has removed her works from the internet please?

I was trying to find 'With the Toss of a Coin' and its sequels but keep getting 404 error.
Thank you

12:59AM - Looking for fic: Rodney/John past lives

I need helping finding a fic I read years ago, I dobt remember to much. What I do remember is that it was John/Rodney and contained flashbacks or snippets to past lives where they met. In those lives they were animals and people from a variety of times/eras.

I appreciate any and all help!

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