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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

10:53PM - 2 mcshep stories

I'm looking for 2 mcshep stories, but I do not have a lot of details.

1) hospital staff think Rodney is abusing John because he keeps walking into doors and getting hurt. It takes place on Earth.

2) Rodney is daring Keller and gets hurt during sex with her. It's eventually mcshep and John hurts his knee.

Thank you in advance!

10:22PM - Mcshep memory fic

Post title is vague. Sorry.

Here is what I remember: John and Rodney get it on (either because of aliens or because of once in a lifetime chance yadda yadda); catch is that they are given this potion to drink to make them forget. One of them drinks his, but the other doesn't. And having the memories of their night of passion is driving that one nuts, so confrontation happens, and it's mcshep ever after.

I just can't remember which one drinks the stuff and forgets and which one doesn't and remembers. Ugh. It is not "One Night" or the one about the room that John and Rodney go into where their memories are wiped clean when they leave.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

3:46PM - Earth lost, John & crew find an alien ship

Hello, yep, me again! Was hoping you lovely folks can piont me to yet another fic, please.

I believe it is an 'earth is lost so atlantis colony is on its own' story. The things I remember may or may not be the same story.

1) John & crew find / set up a cave full of supplies, and slowly gather a resistance force from rescued runners and other Pegasus natives.

2) John & crew find an alien ship on a planet, where it was half buried and its crew extinct. All the colors on the equipment are 'wrong' (for instance, blue means bad or something like that.

3) At some point, there is antigravity on their ship. They use it for play and sports, though evntually there are sexytimes in the AG room, which wasn't as good as it sounds but still worth trying.


Tentatively found! Info in comments, but sounds like Pegasus Purgatorio by MrsHamill


Sunday, May 1, 2016

2:02AM - Rodney

Hi all, looking for the story where Rodney kill the wraith with his mind. He just tell the wraith to die and it does,

Thanks in advance

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

10:43AM - Sheppard resign

ok I'm want to reread the following story but i simply can't find...Due to an injury (i think in the shoulder) Sheppard is forced to go back to earth but after a while he found out that he won't get the full mobility of the shoulder so he can't go back to active duty...he resign and go to work with his brother...after several months there are problems in Atlantis so he go back to help but at the end he go back to earth.


Found it's  "Dumb Luck"

Sunday, April 24, 2016

8:27PM - McShep; Rodney meets alternate realities John

I read this story a few weeks back but did not save it. Now I cannot find it again. Hope someone knows what it is.

John touches some ancient machine- every 2 days a john from alternate reality comes to Rodney in Atlantis. Rodney gets to meet John from various realities and in most of them Rodney and John are together. Finally the correct John comes back.

This story is from Rodney's POV.

Is this familiar? Can some one help me?


Wow that was fast.
Taking The Long Way Home by Sardonicsmilley (link in the comments)

Saturday, April 23, 2016

11:52AM - McShep, slowly falling in love

I'm looking for that one where Keller breaks up with Rodney. Rodney accidentally interrupts John's date-gone-bad to get relationship advice, said date (a nurse that works with Keller) overhears and ends up gossiping about it. Rodney is kicked out, and moves in with John into a bigger apartment, they end up sleeping in the same bed, and eventually realize they're totally in love with each other and are a married couple without the wedding (or the sex). There's a hammock in there somewhere, and the whole 'everyone realizes it before them'. At one point. Lorne and Parrish get assigned to Rodney's old room since they went through proper channels, and Keller gets upset because she promised the room to a friend (who didn't apply for it properly), and says something along the lines of 'What, all the gays are sticking together?', so John pulls her aside and gives her a lecture on her borderline homophobia.

It's one of my favorites, but I keep forgetting to bookmark it. Last time I read it, it was on a site like LJ, but if anyone knows if it's on AO3, that would be perfect -- I actually remember to bookmark things on there. :|


(Belated) ETA: Found!

Sometimes... Love Just Happens


It seems all I ever do is sweep, sweep, sweep now that we live in rural parts, and I was half-remembering a McShep wherein Rodney spent a couple of weeks in a monastery? and he spent his days sweeping, while on of the monks kept threating to beat him. I think there was a tea ceremony at the end. Somehow, I don't think I can google "Rodney, sweeping" and get a result.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

3:17AM - Earth is lost and daedalus (or another ship) is shot down

Hi I am looking for a story where Earth is lost (for a short time I think) and so a ship carries some survivors from Earth to Atlantis. The ship is attacked and left stranded in space so Rodney and some others come to help. However, the ship had some very greedy and ambitious people aboard (Robert Kinsey?) who told Rodney that he had to stay and help fix the ship. I think Radek was there too?

Whilst Rodney stayed there to fix the ship, Robert Kinsey returned back to Atlantis and tried to take charge as the highest ranking person. I think in the end Earth was still alive and Kinsey was sent back to Earth? Would be great if anyone knows of this thanks!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

2:26AM - The one where Sheppad wakes up strapped down in tne infirmary,

and robots have taken over Atlantis.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

10:28AM - Crystalline Entity McShep

I think this was a short piece, but possibly it was part of a longer one. I thought I had it bookmarked on A03. Rodney is trapped in the gate room by the Entity who pushes him up against a console and whispers in his ear that the only reason John is trying to save him is because he wants in his pants. Ring a bell for anyone? Thanks in advance! Not sure about tags?

Monday, April 18, 2016

11:18PM - You hairy excuse for a victorian lady....

So I remember nothing about this McShep fic except that John hyperventilates at the thought of sharing his feelings, and Rodney goes off on him, accusing him of having an "attack of the vapors" and calling him a "hairy excuse for a victorian lady."

I tried googling the phrase, but I probably don't have the words exact enough to use quotes and can't find anything without them.

8:27PM - John/Rodney visiting John's family

A recent post reminded me of a similar fic, that I now (obviously) can't find: John and Rodney are on Earth and visiting John's brother and while they are staying, there is a wedding or some kind of celebration where Rodney ends up helping to prepare decorations with (I think) John's ex-wife? Or possibly Dave's wife... And somehow John and Rodney get together. Suggestions?

Sunday, April 17, 2016

5:58PM - LFS John has teen daughter blue hair and tats,,, and the gene

Hi I am looking for the story where John has an older teen , maybe 16, daughter from Texas. I remember she looks just like John but her hair is blue and she has tats and piercings. I think she eventually comes to live on Atlantis because she has the gene so strongly. Oh, she also curses worse than the Marines.
Thanks in advance, finlaure

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1:11AM - John/Rodney on Earth - FOUND

Hi, I'm looking for a story where Rodney and John are on Earth (post series? - Rodney and Keller are together) and they go to visit John's family (Dave, wife and two girls, one was called Susan? She and Rodney keep snarking at each other) and they have a great time. Then Rodney goes to meet Keller's father and they really don't like each other (Rodney keeps calling John on the phone) I think Rodney ends up going back to John's. And.... that's it! It's all I remember!

ETA: FOUND It's "Knowing" by velocitygrass

Saturday, April 16, 2016

9:01PM - FOUND - John moves in the Rodney and Jennifer

It takes place on Earth and Rodney and Jennifer are married but they invite John to live with them. They go to a county fair and in the end of the story offer John a ring.

11:31AM - Looking for rodney is a medical doctor

He is in antartica as the fic begins and wears glasses but not with the expedition. He and some scientists he is with accidentally find an alien that kills some of them. John and O'Neil come to the rescue. The alien ship Rodney finds has some sort of processing humas into food place that an alien takes rodney to. Any one know where I can find this?

Monday, April 11, 2016

10:06PM - 2 john/rodney fics

I am looking for 2 stories that i read years ago.
The only part i can remember of one is the team is on a planet and is asked by the natives to tell a story. Rodney tells a story of Beethoven's 9th symphony.
The other fic is the team discovers a planet where the natives are protected from the wraith because they build ships for them.


2:31PM - John/Rodney back on Earth "I love him" FOUND

I am getting back to fannish roots, here.

There was a McShep story that had been podficced.

John and Rodney were back on Earth. Atlantis's existence had been revealed and there was a book of interviews of the Atlantis personnel in a bookstore. John realized that he had said, "I love him" in regard to Rodney in his interview and was freaking out about it.

I don't recall whether or not they were sleeping together at the time.

I believe there was a visit from John's ex-wife in the story. It was not Nancy, as that episode hadn't aired yet. It was written after "Sunday" because I believe reference was made to John telling Ronon about his ex.

I vaguely remember that Zelinka's interview made reference to the Atlanteans watching "Firefly"

ETA: Found! "Streets in a World Underneath It All" by ismenetruth


Saturday, April 9, 2016

1:58AM - john/teyla fanfiction

there was three stories their titles start with forced.the 3rd was about their honeymoon in Hawaii and they had torron with them. In the first one the team go to Rodney's sisters house with john in a wheelchair then later they go to Davids house.

FOUND IT but thanks!

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