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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

8:13PM - Two Rodney Whump Stories

I am looking for two different stories. I can only remember one distinct scene from each story.

1. Rodney is unconscious in the infirmary and he can hear the people arouns him discuss each of his teammates, who are not doing well - also injured, I believe - and when he wakes all the way up he asks where is or about himself, but not about them. I believe he is feeling guilty or blaming himself for their injuries. I distinctly remember Rodney hearing someone comment on the fact that he didn't even ask about his teammates.

2. There is a story in which Rodney is believed dead but has been kidnapped (there are several, but I'm looking for a specific one). He mentally screams for help in a moment of desperation and several of his team/friends on Atlantis hear him and rescue him. In the end, Radek admits he heard Rodney too, but thought he imagined it and didn't say/do anything about it. He feels really guilty.

Thank you so much!

1:10AM - McKay and horses

Back when we all (well, some of us) were obsessed with David Hewlett, it came to light that he had taken horseback riding lessons as a child. I'm pretty sure that information translated into at least one story in which the Atlantis team encountered horses or a similar beast of burden and McKay was, to his team-mates surprise, quite proficient at riding.

Or is that just my terrible memory and overactive imagination? Does such a story (or more than one such story) exist?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

3:19PM - McKay happy in Russia?

Hi.  I'm looking for a fic - at least I think it is although I may have just imagined it!

Rodney gets sent off to Russia after '48 Hours' as per canon, but he actually quite enjoys it and makes a huge amount of money.  I think he says something like 'if Carter knew she'd be as mad as hell'.

Does this ring any bells?  I'm positive it's Mcshep but I can't remember anything more.


EDIT I've remembered that it might also be the fic where McKay says that he's improved on the mark I Naquada Generator & that Carter wasn't happy about it.  Possibly?

Sunday, May 24, 2015

8:22PM - Help please. An au in which Sumner is still alive.

Sheppard gets pulled into an au and at some point Sumner comes to his quarters and they drink. I think Sumner is amazed at Sheppard's ability to handle McKay or someting like that.

3:13PM - Collared

I remember this being a long fic, but not much more than the fact that Rodney has collared John then Rodney promptly gets involved in his work and seems to ignore John. There is an argument between Elizabeth and Caldwell in the gateroom about who should take over as John's Dom because they think Rodney has abandoned him.

*** Found, many thanks Guys***

Saturday, May 23, 2015

10:46AM - Cross dressing Sheppard

Help? Looking for a story I read a long time ago. Gen fic, not McShep, they were in San Francisco,forget how it came about but the team help John achieve some esteem and take him to get his portrait taken, all dressed up. Rodney and Ronon go get fancy clothes and meet up with John and Teyla and there is a team pic and John feels accepted.

FOUND by that_whitch.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

10:22PM - old story

My google power sucks and I've gone page by page here because I thought I saw it here a few years back. I'm trying to find an old story I remember that had John and Rodney in an established relationship on earth. The SGA comes to talk them into returning to Atlantis only to find that they are married and the adoptive parents of a number of teenagers. Any help would be appreciated

Thank you to syble4 for finding this for me. I'm hoping this links since I have no idea how to do it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

7:58PM - Sentinel fusion with Vegas!Sheppard

Trying to remember a sentinel fusion (McShep with Sheppard as the sentinel) with the John Sheppard from 'Vegas', with the story starting after the end of the episode and they discovering about he being a ilegal sentinel when rescuing him, in a world where sentinels are basically slaves and implanted with a device who forces them to artificially bond with a chosen guide. Rodney receives the control of the device but waits to use it until he manages to tamper with the implant to stop working but continue to fool scanners, to give John the chance to bond naturally with him.

Found with the help of roo1965:
Collison by rabidfan

Saturday, May 16, 2015

10:17AM - Rodney and John transform to mermen

Looking for a fic I know I have saved, Rodney and John are on a jumper that crashes in the Atlantean ocean. They are separated by the door between the cockpit and back of the jumper and water fills the part where Rodney is but he doesn't drown and then he realizes he has a tail and gills. He eventually gets back to the area of the jumper John is in and convinces him to submerge himself in the water that is filling the compartment whereupon John changes too.

FOUND by ainamclane

Monday, May 11, 2015

8:26PM - Kidnapped/brainwashed RodneyFOUND

I'm been looking for this story for the last two days with no luck.
I remember Rodney gets taken to be turned into this slave like asassian and is then brainwashed so he cant remember his team, he ends up escapeing and making traps in a forest killing the people they send to look for him. Sheppard and the team finally find him when Rodney steals Ronans Knife to kill the guy that took him.

Found. link in comments.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

1:51PM - Goa'uld Prometheus?

Okay, I'm half-convinced I dreamed or hallucinated this one, but I didn't think my imagination was this elaborate.

So, the Goa'uld Prometheus did something to help mankind (a la mythology) and got locked by the other Goa'uld in a sarcophagus on some planet, where John and Rodney end up, separately. I think Rodney was on a gate team with the SGC and my brain is telling me John was a Jaffa? There's something deadly about the planet, though, and everyone else on Rodney's gate team dies, Rodney starts getting sick, and Rodney and John somehow stumble upon each other and the sarcophagus and Prometheus in some order. Rodney maybe gets snaked or sarcophagused to survive and John maybe becomes the First Prime of Prometheus and I think it might be a threesome McKay/Sheppard/Goa'uld fic?

I scoured the internet and couldn't find it, but that might be because filtering searches by the word Prometheus isn't doing very much...

Anyone remember reading this fic or maybe something like it that I might've gotten confused about?

4:55AM - two stories

First story: I think is called Woobie Widower. It has Rodney as a widower with a son named Timmy. John, a retired Air Force Officer and now a police man, moves in next door. Any one know where I can find it?

Second story: Has Rodney raising Madison, John as a male to female transgender character, and I think there is mention of Jeannie blowing up Doranda the mountain? I'm pretty sure John and Rodney meet in Teyla's exercise class or possibly her group therapy session. Any one know where I can find this?

Thank you.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

3:12PM - FOUD!!!!: Rodney takes John's wristband

Hey, can y'all help? Lost all my bookmarks...

All I can remember is that John uses his wristband as a personal torture device -- sews stitches into it for every man lost.

And at the end spoilers!Collapse )

Hoping someone can find this -- I love it and I can't FIND the thing!!!

Found in record time! It's the marvelous Debts by angelwings9

10:27AM - Rodney as a dragon

A request on sgagenrefinder has me searching for a story I know I've read.

Several expedition members walk into a room in Atlantis and tun into dragons.  A couple of them fly off to the mainland, apparently having no idea who they are.  Rodney retains his mind and John is riding him when they encounter another group from Earth.

Found: Beasts of War and Burden by taste_is_sweet

Thursday, May 7, 2015

8:15PM - Looking for a McShep

In the fic, John uses bad things that happen to him and turn them into fantasies, the main part of the story is him being captured and in a pipe, where he is gassed. He later turns it into a fantasy and Rodney finds out. It ends up McShep.

Anyone help me with my confused blatherings??

Current mood: confused

Saturday, May 2, 2015

3:42PM - Not going there

Hi it's me again. I could have sworn that I had this one saved but can't find it anywhere. John is pining for Rodney and then I think he gets up the nerve to do somthing about it, but when he tells Rodney, Rodney says something about how Rodney always thought that there was something between them, but after Chaya when they got into the fight John said "Don't go there." So they didn't.

I know that it ends happy and that's all I can remember, but if anyone can find it... it's you guys!


Friday, May 1, 2015

7:14PM - Rodney punches a marine.

I know I've asked this before, but my bookmarks got screwed up and I lost the info. I'm looking for three stories. The first has Rodney punching a marine who had been sexually harassing Miko. "I don't care if she has 'fuck me' written on her chest with a sharpie. You don't touch her!" Then he says to Sheperd, "She's Japanese and she's shy."

The second one is when earth is destroyed. Rodney and Sheperd are kids beamed out without their parents.

The third is when Earth is lost to the Ori. They send a whole lot of different people to Atlantis from NCIS, Hawaii 5O, Numbers,etc. Some people chose to stay and fight like Sealy Booth from Bones.

If anyone can help me find these, I would greatly appreciate it.

10:24AM - OT4 story, in Pegasus after Atlantis

I can't remember the name of this author or the story, but it was written before SGA ended so around 2007 or so.  The story opens with Rodney and Teyla traveling back together to the new Atlantis community after being out on a trading (?) mission together.  They travel by boat on a river for a long time before coming to their community, where they're greeted by John and Ronon and others.  This story was relatively simple but had beautiful details, as did all the stories by this author.  I'd love to find and read their stuff again!  Thanks in advance for any help!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

11:19PM - And All Our Plans Fall Apart by LadyHolder

i'm looking for a copy of And All Our Plans Fall Apart by LadyHolder i can't seem to find it anywhere....

Monday, April 27, 2015

9:37AM - McShep again

Hi, all. I asked about this once before, and thought I put it in memories, but alas, am unable to find it. It's McShep, when Atlantis returned to Pegasus Galaxy, started John/Rodney friendship. Rodney and Jennifer broke up when she found out Rodney knew John was gay and didn't say anything. Rodney sleeps on John's couch before moving to the bed. It was platonic until the very end. Help?

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