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Saturday, October 25, 2014

7:11PM - Sheppard having ptsd dreams, possibily "phantoms" related

My Googleing has utterly failed me.

What I remember is this: Sheppard has dreams of Holland (gory ones). Is discharged from the Air-Force? Ends up on someone's couch...where his dreams turn into dreams of Atlantis. Starts trying to design the vehicles he dreams...and that's where he ends up in contact with the SGC.

I've tried various combinations but nothings worked. Does the story still exist?

Many thanks....

Friday, October 24, 2014

12:57PM - Ronon/Rodney

I'm looking for an aliens make it do it type of fic with non-con/dub-con. In the fic every time an alien planet ask them to participate in a sex ritual John always chooses Rodney... the thing is that Rodney doesn't actually like it and Sheppard is kind of homophobic in this one. Rodney goes to Ronon for help (I think) and he makes Sheppard choose someone else.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

7:03PM - Rodney gives John presents

Looking for a fic where Rodney is "wooing" John by doing things he'd do in a relationship with a woman. There is what John calls in his head a shared lesbiany bath and Rodney gives John a candle and some socks. John realises and tells Rodney he doesn't need to do that stuff because they're both guys.

Any help as to title and author gratefully received!

ETA: Found - link in comments.

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9:31PM - Hi

Hi everyone!
My Google-fu has failed me.

I'm looking for a fic which has the following in it:
- Rodney and John get mistaken for a married couple off world.
- The off-worlders ask about when they'll be having children.
- John and Rodeny go along with with, making Rodeny fake a baby bump with some padding when they go back again.
- John and Rodeny find child on another world and claim its them, when asked about it to the other off-worlders. There is also a baby which is found.

Thanks for any help you can give me and for your time.


Update:Found Post-Nuptial, by rageprufrock. Thanks baudown for being so awesome!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

11:14PM - Surf Boards

I'm looking for a post-Trinity fic. John is shunning Rodney. Before Doranda Rodney had ordered surf boards for the team... he still gives them to John and refuses to take payment for them. John takes Teyla and Ronon surfing, but not Rodney.

*** Resilience by Tira Nog ***

10:31AM - John in the wrong

I'm looking for a fic where John is mad at Rodney even though John is the one who's wrong. It starts with them in quarentine, I think, and John wants Rodney to open the door so he can save some people who were left outside, but Rodney knows doing that will only lead to more people dying, especially since there isn't much John can do to help the people outside even if he does get out there. Since he won't open the door, John gets pissed and starts shunning him. Ronon and Teyla both tell Rodney that John is being a moron about this and nobody else is angry since it was the right thing to do. Eventually John gets over himself. I think it was Mcshep at the end. Does anybody think this sounds familiar?

Monday, October 20, 2014

6:11PM - Rodney is Abandoned

I started reading this fic not too long ago and like the dork I am got rid of it without saving it somewhere for future reading.

I think it was on fanfiction but I'm not too sure on that. I do know that it starts with Rodney and John fleeing through a forest and Rodney is seriously injured. The rest of the team, plus Elizabeth, have been captured and are scheduled to be executed the next day. They meet a traveling trader and John trades for Rodney to stay with the trader until John can come back for him. John is also able to trade for an actual motorcycle.

I also remember that John and Rodney's friendship is strained and Rodney begs John not to leave him which pisses John off because he is basically trading the others' lives for Rodney's and he feels a bit guilty about it.

Thanks for reading my request, hopefully this rings a bell for someone :)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

11:07AM - forgotten

Ah, you know how it is when you get a new computer, then your old computer dies out of spite and your favourites get lost! Please can anyone guide me to the following stories?

John is the detective who moves into a new house, Rodney lives next door with his son the first time John meets Rodney's son he's dressed as a woman because he's been undercover and Rodney tells him off for not admitting to being a transvestite.

The second one.
John is with widower with a young daughter and Rodney is a grumpy scientist he meets at a museum and mistakenly thinks he works there. Elizabeth (who was John's late wife) left him a list of things to remember about being a good father to their daughter, but the last thing on the list is a message for him.

The third is a reworking of the film The Third Man set on Atlantis.

The fourth is the one where a new commander takes over Atlantis and John breaks up with Rodney and cuts his hair.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

9:25PM - John held captive by Michael

I'm looking for a story in which John is held prisoner by Michael. Michael puts a child in the cell with him to prevent him trying to escape. After John and the kid are rescued by the team, they find out the kid is related to John.

I don't remember who the story is by, but I do remember its a nice long story. Any help in finding it would be appreciated.

7:50PM - looking for a kid-fic

I'm looking for an AU kid fic. Rodney's wife had died and he was living with his son in the house. John moved into the fixer-upper next door and got to know them. Rodney had built a robot to hand out candy on Halloween so he could take his son out. I think Ronan eventually ended up buying the house John had been living in/working on.

And links to other kid-fics where John or Rodney have kids would be much appreciated. :-)

Story Found! Link to AO3 series page
The Detective and the Woobie 'Verse by Elayna

Thursday, October 16, 2014

6:24PM - My Turn

I was certain that I had this fic bookmarked, but it seems I was wrong.

John and Rodney both start out young in this fic. Rodney upper class and John living in an academy of sorts to learn how to be a proper body servant. On choosing day John is chosen by Rodney for his math skills and intelligence. Rodney builds John a portable lab to do his experiments on. He has John's portrait painted by a famous artist. At some point he sends John a dildo modeled after himself so that John can practice and learn to please him.

I can remember lots of other details about it if need be. I love this fic, I just can't find it. Any help is much appreciated.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

7:16PM - Rodney (?) Sabotages Earth's ZPM Program

I'm looking for a story, where for whatever reason, Rodney sabotages Earth's ZPM-making facility. Does this strike a chord with anyone? I think the factory was on Mars. Maybe.

In the end our SGA heroes bug out (Maybe with Atlantis?) and return to Pegasus.

Monday, October 13, 2014

8:26PM - Sheppard as a shifter

I read a story some time ago about Sheppard being a pilot but also a large cat. I think he flies a helicopter for Jack O'Neill and maybe visits the White House. I must have lost the bookmark so any help would be really great as it's driving me mad trying to find it.

Hope this rings a bell with someone many thanks


Sunday, October 12, 2014

7:47PM - Earth Falls

Hello, I read these fics a long while ago when I was still really new to the Stargate fandom and would like to find them again.  I've searched through this site and the genre finders site and haven't had any luck on my own so I thought I'd give it a shot and ask.

I think I'm looking for two different fics.  In the first, I think that Earth had fallen and many of the SGC were trying to make their way to Pegasus.  Cameron Mitchell was still badly injured from the battle over Antartica but he had the Anicent gene and I think he was healed when he arrived on Atlantis.

The second fic I believe took place on Earth.  I think it was McShep and had to deal with DADT and, maybe, hate crimes.  I remeber Major Davis was mentioned because someone had attacked a relative of his and garnered the wrath of the SGC because Davis was one of theirs.  Kind of a 'you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us' deal.
FOUND! Human Nature by KeiraMarcos
(found by mrlnpndrgn & terrycene)

Sorry for the super vague requests.  Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

6:45PM - Aaaarrrrghhhh!

Looking for a story I read many, many moons ago and cannot now find it. It occurs on Earth after Atlantis, has Rodney And Shep sharing a house (by the beach I think), and has Rodney creating a mini Z(ed)PM in a room in said house with John unaware of this until near the end. I'm hoping someone out there has an inkling of what this may be.

Found!Thank you Innogen.

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8:15PM - lost fics

Hey guys,

I'm looking for two story's, one is where sheppard and the team end up on a world, something happens and they end up naming their tribe after John.

The other one is that John gets called back to earth as there is wraith there, except that is not what he was told, the guy who recalls him doesn't like John. Rodney ends up seeing john getting attacked or something in the shower due to this ancient device.

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks :)

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1:34PM - Mcshep misunderstanding

I'm looking for a fic where Rodney has a kink for slowly undressing John, which John doesn't like so he asks that they do something different and then there's an argument. Rodney gets upset that John didn't say something before? Anybody know what this fic is? I don't remember it being very long.

Thanks in advance.

Friday, October 10, 2014

10:36PM - Ronon has to get glasses?

Hello all. Looking for a fic where Ronon gets glasses to help with reading and Rodney introduces Teyla & Ronon to fried egg sandwiches. It was called Onerimancy? Thanks for the help.
ETA: FOUND!! The correct title is Opthamaology - link in comments.
Thanks for the help.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

5:28PM - wraith hive attacking earth sheppard on it

i just cant seem to find this story again

i remmeber for some reason McKay, Ronon and Sheppard were on a wraith ship and the ship was heading to earth... Sheppard got cut on something on the ship and it got infected. They got on a dart and got down to Antarctica to the outpost where Sheppard could only fire one drone at once something about the silos so he got McKay to fix it. Those on Atlantis thought they were dead... until they arrived i think Sheppard came through the stargate and the other two were on a ship.

any ideas?

Friday, October 10, 2014

3:57PM - related to 48 hours

all i can remember about this fic was that when McKay gave the 48 hour barrier it was something to do with him being blackmailed or something. i know that someone didn't want teal'c to survive and kidnapped McKay's child...

any ideas?

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