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Thursday, December 25, 2014

10:27PM - Looking for a fic

Hi hope you can help, a recent story request reminded me of a fic I'd love to reread. I believe it features an alt universe Rodney, who helps John recover from an injury to his leg, which goes into painful spasms, Rodney finds an ancient medical machine that no one new about and convinces John to have the surgery to fix his leg. Fairly sure it's Mcshep, anyone recognise this?

Thanks Denise

6:50AM - SGA sentinel/guide fic

I know I've asked for this before, but due to computer problems I've lost my bookmark. John and Rodney are sentinel and guide, Elizabeth goes nuts, and they send her back to Earth through the Stargate in handcuffs. Please help me.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

7:06PM - AMTDI

there is an alien made them do it where JOhn has to have a sex act performed on him by an alien high priest. the "most cleasnsed" i think. ROdney is watching but Teyla and McKay aren't.
Teyla doesn't see the big deal, because John didnt say no. John tells her that he didn't say yes either and isn't it time she respected Earth's cultural norms as well as all the peoples in Pegasus.
I have looked on the AMTDI tab on genrefinders. Please help

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

9:44PM - It's the one where Rodney falls through the stargate burned,

into an Atlantis that he makes his, because he's crazy. Maybe a little.

12:49AM - There's a rota to have sex with John!

I vaguely remember that it's the turn of one of the marines to have sex with John as per the rota. Carson/Lorne/Rodney/Ronon? are all there and taking care of John. Lorne always has sex with John first (as taking care of John is Lorne's job as 2IC), Rodney always goes last? There's some mention of Kavanagh NEVER getting on the rota. That's all I remember. Any help greatly appreciated! :-)

Monday, December 15, 2014

7:23PM - John as a merman?

I stumbled across and read Falling Slowly by melonbutterfly recently where John was a merman and already resident in Atlantis when the expedition arrived. And it left me with a feeling that I'd previously read a completely different fic where John was a merman and already resident in Atlantis!

I'm think the one I'm now trying to find had more of a feeling that John recognises Rodney as being his mate, but I can't remember much more other than I believe it exists... to be totally honest, I'm not absolutely positive John was a merman, but I suppose the important details are that John is at Atlantis when the Earth expedition gets there, he is not human (and probably some mythical creature, though not an Ancient) and that he falls for Rodney pretty much instantly and gets involved with the expedition as a result. Any suggestions?

Found: Hidden Depths by lamardeuse.

2:04AM - Looking for two stories

1) There is a Zombie outbreak (or possibly something similar) on Earth. John is in the military on the East Coast and Rodney, a scientist in Cheyanne Mountain, believes he has developed a "zombie repellent". John flies out to rescue Rodney, stopping along the way to refuel at various zombie-overrun airports and bases, spending much of the time talking to Rodney on the radio.
Once John arrives and manages to get past the zombies in the Mountain he rescues Rodney. The Zombie Repellent is a succes.

2) John is gay, but has never been with a guy. He has 24-48 hours before he has to report to basic training or something, so he goes into a bar to pick someone up and meets Rodney, who lives nearby. They go back to Rodney's together and he and John have all kinds of sex. They have a connection (naturally), but when John leaves they never expect to see one another again. Flash forward to Antarctica, where John's in the chair and Rodney is in his orange fleece. John is offered the chance to go to Atlantis and flips a coin; it comes up "no", so instead of telling O'Neil he isn't goinet John goes to see what Rodney's up to and if he's taking anyone with him to Atlantis. He isn't. so they get reaquainted and go to Atlantis together.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

9:18PM - Pregnant!John

This is driving me nuts. I think there was an alteran device involved, anyways John ends up with a uterus that for some reason can't be removed until he has a baby? I'm 75% sure that it caused him discomfort and/or that he could always feel it. I know it was mcshep but that is about as much as I remember. I've tried googling but sadly what I remember is not specific enough. Any help is appreciated.

FOUND: It's Expecting by velocitygrass thanks to hyx_sydin

Saturday, December 13, 2014

7:36PM - John & Sam together after losing war

I'm looking for a story where the the Asurans won the war and the Daedalus crashed on a planet. Sam is wounded and needs a cane for her hurt leg. She, John & Ronan are survivors with others. She and John have a son David and when the Wraith come, John runs into a beam so that the rest can get away.

11:34AM - John Sheppard SERE training

I can only remember one scene from this story. Sheppard is in the US and participates in a survival exercise. Most of the other officers don't expect much from him, but the person who invited him to participate pairs with him and they win the event. They count their steps using strands of beads and Sheppard is using the set he carried out of Kosovo when he walked away from a crash. Thank you for your help.

FOUND! by terrycene. It's The Pegasus Galaxy Presents: George Romero's Alice in Wonderland by Domenika Marzione at

Friday, December 12, 2014

6:30AM - A puddlejumper, New Year's eve

I feel very silly for not being able to find this, but I can't. McKay is really unhappy to be in the puddlejumper - maybe in the wake of The Defiant One? John's New Year's resolution is to kiss him.

3:53AM - Its the story where David Sheppard is an idiot

and was surprised that McKay was so badass. Thank you for any help.

Thanks popkin16 It's Just So Long and Long Enough by busaikko

Thursday, December 11, 2014

12:17PM - Glitterati's Fanfiction- Found

I am in the mood to read some crossover fics. My favorties are Eureka/SGA. I was went over to Glitterati Page and it is gone. I wanted to read "Summer House" by Rageprufrock's and the sequels. Anyone know what happen to them?

Thank you penumbria and Anonymous

Summer House series:

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

9:03AM - First ep. deleted scene, possibly McKay/Sheppard

... or pre-slash? All I remember is that John brings beer and wants to know: Are they sending all the gays to Atlantis? Rodney says No, because obviously, but admits on reflection that there is probably some correlation -- the expedition selected for loners, those without close family ties, etc.

I thought it was written by one of the better-known authors, but scouring my bookmarks (plus related archives) and Google has turned up nothing.

ETA: FOUND. It's One-Way Ticket (4604 words) by Speranza

Sunday, December 7, 2014

7:38PM - Rodney as vet Au?

I'm looking for a McShep AU fic. I think it's set on a ranch of some kind with McKay acting as a vet, but I could be wrong about his job. I also think I remember that McKay is living above his place of work, but it isn't the fic Animal Husbandry by casspeach. He works for Elizabeth in exchange for the room, I think. I definitely remember there is a scene where McKay gets injured and then Elizabeth fires him, giving the job and place to live to Ford. Cadman's there and makes some comment about it being a bitchy move on her part. Then I think Rodney has to move in with John. I know it's kind of vague, but does anybody know this story?

Saturday, December 6, 2014

9:39AM - Found - Shepherd A Bully?

I don't know if it's Gen or Slash.

I like to read this story again, where John Shepherd thought he was just teasing and friendly joking with Rodney McKay and in turn, he thought McKay was joking back. McKay was instead striking back with barbs. McKay never thought were friendly joking or kind teasing to him. He was taking them very seriously to heart. Shepherd finally realized McKay wasn't taking them as jokes or teasing when he told McKay he was (I think) taking him off the team. McKay responded with such vehement that Shepherd realized he had been bullied McKay all this time and McKay was just defending him with barbs back. So he is working hard to repair the damage and create a friendship he thought he had with McKay. I don't remember how it ended.

Thank you in advance.

Fat My Dust

Found by sinaida
Thank you, sinaida

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

11:15PM - i swear i have this saved somewhere

hey everyone

so there are two stories that im looking for which i thought i had saved but cant find anywhere. both are mcshep

the first is set after the series whilst atlantis is still in San fran and has a lot of pining john and hes actually kinda depressed. i remember in the pairings it was john/rodney and john/most of san fransico cuase he was going into the city each night.

and the second story was where john stopped talking. it was in response to mckay proposing to keller (i think?).

hopefully someone knows what im going on about


Sunday, November 30, 2014

8:12PM - One where Rodney gets annoyed, angsty.

Where is the fic where rodney gets pissed off when he saves the natives from a volcano using the buried ancient and sheppard cockblocks him and derides his accomplishments in front of the native lady scientist. Very angsty, probably J/R cause thats what I read.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

10:25PM - LFS - Vala heals John

I think this scene was part of a pretty long epic, but cannot remember which one.  Vala and SG1 are in Atlantis, and Vala is not very well accepted/trusted by the SG1 folks.  John has been injured (an old injury I think), and Vala uses a healing device on him, which works much better than anything the docs have been able to do.  The scene I remember most is John talking to Cam and being incredulous that no one on SG1 will let Vala heal them, and basically telling him "dude, seriously, I don't know why you are all ignoring this gift she has, because she's awesome".  Anyone?


Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Hi I was wondering if anyone knew this story. The Go'uld symbiotes are not all bad. Some of them are good and some of them live in a tank at the Stargate Command on Earth. They build a big tank in the infirmary I think and the symbiotes enjoy swimming around in it. They have names. One of them wants to be paired with Jack O'neil but he doesn't want one. Then the tank is attacked by foreigners I think and Jack's symbiote almost dies but Jack agrees to bond with it. There is also something about a Native American shaman in there

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